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“We're proud to be the most loved Institute Management app"

Nurture App is a technology company that believes in delivering helpful, easy, and result-focused solutions. Together with our payment gateway partners, we offer better payment solutions and services by addressing the fundamental issues in the industry between what’s good for institutes and what’s suitable for students. We want to profit with our members, not from them. That’s why Nurture App doesn’t rely on onboarding fee, migration fee, or customer requirements. It Feels like progress.

Our Impact

“We power the growth of Institutes as well as their delivery
experiences to student progress”

100+ Institutes
In Processing
22K+ Students
Delivered Experience
1L+ Leads
Enquiries Managed
XX+ Payments
Leadership team.
Anand PV
Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur & Sales enthusiast with 8 years of experience driving startups. Founded Scaalex, a Financial Consulting Company that assists startups in raising funds. Consulting experience in the Indian Startup ecosystem. Worked as a growth consultant and advisor to startups at various stages. Also served as the Business Vertical Head at Presentations.ai and successfully built and launched in the market.
Founder: Scaalex
Ex-Business Vertical Head: Presentations.ai

Shailesh Gambhir
Founder & CTO

A Prolific leader with rich experience in the IT industry. A self- motivated and customer-focused technology leader with a broad range of skills developed during a successful IT career, across a variety of roles, levels and business disciplines. A proven track record in programme/project delivery, motivational leader with proven talent management ability, managing and developing cross-functional teams.
CXO & Managing Director: InnoWave India (MNC)

Our team
We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.
Malini Sharma
Project Manager
Vibhanshu Sirohi
Senior Business Analyst
Rishanth Visvam
Sales Lead
Tech Lead
FE Tech Lead
Thej K
Martin Joy
Business Development
Sarfaraz A
Business Development
Swathy S
Business Analyst
BE Developer
Prakhar Soni
BE Developer
Amith Soman
BE Developer
FE Developer
FE Developer
FE Developer
Sakshi Rajawat
QA Engineer
Rahul Krishna GS
UX Designer
Sayu S
Customer Success
Nithin PS
Customer Success
Our culture

Welcome to our Team & Culture hub, where synergy meets spirit, and collaboration thrives. Here, we cultivate an environment where every individual is valued, empowered, and inspired to bring their best selves forward. Together, we celebrate diversity, foster innovation, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Join us as we forge bonds, ignite passion, and shape a culture that not only defines who we are, but propels us towards our shared vision of success.

Team & Culture

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