Shipping and Delivery


All in-stock orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days (excluding orders containing pre-orders, weekends & holidays). This does not include time spent in transit once your order has left our facility.

Pre-order items are items that are purchased prior to their production. A pre-order means you have reserved that item and it will be shipped to you once it is complete. A standard pre-order timeline is anywhere between 2-12 weeks (unless a release date is specified). Please refer to the product page for more information. Orders with multiple items containing a pre-order item will not ship until all items have completed production. Pre-orders are charged at the time of purchase.

If your order contains multiple items and one of them is on pre-order, your order will ship in full once the pre-order item is released. Shipping charges on pre-orders will not be refunded if there are delays beyond the initial release date estimate. 

We work to ship your order as quickly as possible, and our mail carriers generally deliver orders within the timeframe listed upon checkout. However, we are unable to guarantee a specific ship or delivery date.


We are able to update your shipping address as long as the order has not shipped or been processed for shipment yet. If you would like to update your shipping address, please click the link below to request the update. If we are able to, we will accommodate your request and will reply via email to confirm:

Address Change Request Form

Once an order has been shipped, we are unable to modify the address in any way. If your order is in transit to an incorrect address, please click HERE for more information.


We are not responsible for any order that is returned due to an invalid or incorrect address entered at checkout. If your order is lost due to an invalid address inputted upon checkout, a refund will not be issued. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to your address when there are minor errors preventing your order from shipping.

If your shipping address is flagged as invalid, we may reach out via email to confirm the address details. If we do not hear back and the address is shippable, we will ship the order as is. If the shipping address is missing essential details and we do not hear back, we will cancel and refund your order in full. Please keep an eye on your email inbox as well as your spam folder in case we need to contact you regarding your shipping address.



Media Mail moves slower through the system, and often will not update tracking as frequently as other shipping classes. USPS has no given time frame, but we are generally seeing them delivered within 4-6 weeks.


Please note that orders containing a poster will move slower through the system and can take up to 4-6 weeks to deliver.


Please note that Economy Shipping will first be picked up by DHL, which will carry the order for the majority of transit. The order is then typically handed off to USPS, which makes the final delivery. In the tracking link that we provide, there is a section that shows the USPS tracking information. If you have any issues with your order shipment, please contact USPS directly, as they will be able to give you a more accurate update on your order status.


If your tracking link has not been updated recently, we kindly ask that you allow additional time for DHL/USPS to catch up. For the below mail classes, if there are no recent (within the past 10 business days) tracking updates and the following timelines have gone by, please contact USPS directly for more information on the current order status.

Media Mail/Posters: 45 days from shipment date
All other domestic mail classes: 30 days from shipment date
If they are unable to provide further updates, please contact us HERE and we can assist.


If a domestic order is returned to us, we will work with you to reship your order, or you can choose to refund the cost of items instead. Once the item is returned and processed at our facility, we will reach out via email to confirm how you would like to proceed, and if we are re-shipping, we would need to confirm the correct address to reship to, and also invoice for the reshipment costs. Once the invoice is paid, the package will be reshipped.

If you have an order that is being sent back to us, please keep an eye out in your inbox and spam folder for a message from us, as we do require a response and the reshipment fee payment before reshipping. If we do not hear back via email, we will refund the original item cost. Please note that we are unable to refund original shipping charges, and we are unable to restore your order once a refund is processed.

We appreciate your patience, as this may take a few weeks to process after the item is received back.



Please note that all transit times listed are estimates and are not guaranteed. DHL will carry the order for the majority of transit, and typically once it arrives in your country, your local postal service will manage the actual delivery of the order. Within the DHL tracking email that we provide, you will find the local tracking information. This is the tracking code that will be more up-to-date once DHL hands the order off to your local postal service.


If your tracking link has not been updated recently, we kindly ask that you allow additional time for the mail carriers to catch up. If there are no recent tracking updates, please contact your local post office directly for more information on the current order status.

Additionally, international orders are often held at your local post office for pickup. Please be sure to keep an eye out for notices from them to collect your order.

If your local post office is unable to provide more information on the current status of your order, and it has been over 75 days since the ship date, with no recent (within the past 10 business days) tracking updates, please contact us HERE and we will assist.


International orders that are returned to the sender will be refunded the cost of the item(s). Original shipping costs will not be refunded and unfortunately, we are unable to reship international orders.


Import duty is a tax collected on imports and some exports by a country’s customs authorities. A good’s value will usually dictate the import duty. Depending on the context, import duty may also be known as a customs duty, tariff, import tax, or import tariff.

While the cost of shipment for your package is included in your order total, you may be subject to taxes/import duties for your package upon arrival to your destination country. We are not able to cover additional costs in order for you to receive your package once it arrives at customs.

We do everything on our end to declare the proper customs information (value, items, weight, material) to ensure that there is no added customs charge when your order arrives in your country. Most of our packages ship without any additional fees or charges, but each country has a unique customs process and occasionally random packages will be pulled for inspection. We cannot control if your order gets pulled and there are additional fees during the customs process in your country. We do our due diligence to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately, we are not in control of each order and it is up to your country’s postal service how your order is handled. We recommend speaking with your local postal service or country’s customs office if you have any specific questions regarding your country’s customs process.


We depend on our carriers to deliver our international orders. Unfortunately, there are certain countries where our shipping services are not available. 

Click HERE to view the full list of countries where we are unable to ship at this time. If there is an “X” under the first column (Parcel International Standard/Packet Plus International), that means that we are unable to ship to that country currently. 

If you are shipping an order to one of these countries, we can hold the order until the shipping ban is lifted, update the shipping address to another country that is not on this list, or cancel and refund the order in full. If we do not hear back, we will continue to hold onto the order until the ban is lifted.

If the shipping ban is not lifted within 3-6 months and we do not hear back via email to confirm how you would like to proceed, we will cancel and refund your order in full.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


If you have any questions concerning our shipping policy, please contact us HERE.

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